City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Odense SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel University of Southern Denmark
City Odense
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Southern Denmark
HA. DAT is like HA professional financial education, but with a focus on IT in the enterprise. IT in the enterprise can be as a management tool (Business Intelligence), as IT in production or quality control tool, financial planning tool or as a marketing tool (E-Business) and much more. In addition to the traditional disciplines of HA as an organization, business administration, accounting, they are central subjects in HA. DAT programming, systems analysis, databases, data warehouse and data mining. With HA. DAT you can combine your interests in finance and IT, and work your way towards a really exciting and sought after job profile.

Job Opportunities

IT project manager, IT developer, IT professional, IT consultant, IT-seller.

Special admission requirements

Danish A, Mathematics A, English B, Social Studies B, Contemporary History B, International Economics B, History B or History of Ideas B

Application deadlines

Quota 2 - March 15, 2008 at. 12 Quota 1 - July 5, 2008 at. 12