Gudenaadalens School

Gudenaadalens School

A year on Gudenaadalens School (GE) in Ulstrup near Randers is an investment in your future. Students who have completed an eventful year at GE has a greater chance to complete secondary education, have higher average grades in the future and get a boost of self-esteem. These are just some of the things you like by briskly at GE will get in my backpack for your further education.

Looking for a school in Jutland, you have found the right place. Gudenaadalens School caters for the students who are in search of just the right boarding school in Gauteng.

Activities for both boys and girls
Gudenaadalens School is rich in activities for both boys and girls. With among other things, football , handball, jumping and rhythmic gymnastics as well as many others, there is broad opportunity to be part of many different sports.

In addition, this also a continuation Grundtvig / Kold School. This means that it is a boarding school on the basis of a people's vision to develop as a student - not just on a physical level but also on a psychological level. Furthermore, there is also a focus on arranging boy weekends and girl weekends in order to create a strong unity.

Education included with future development
As school take an active part in developing Denmark's young people, which is why it is important to follow with the times and society. It makes Gudenaadalens School.

Tuition is contemporary to the delight of the students, as it helps you as a student to become more aware of your responsibility and sense of community.


Hovedgaden 2
8860 Ulstrup

Contact info

Telefon: 86 46 31 33


Gudenaadalens School
Gudenaadalens School
Gudenaadalens School
Gudenaadalens School