green Driving School

green Driving School

At Green Driving is 100% focused on the environment. Here you will receive compulsory education. At the same time you will be taught to run energy and environmental right from day one. This means that you as a driver saves money on fuel while benefiting the environment.

All driving lessons will take place in the environment-friendly Suzuki Swift from 2008. This is a car with a focus on excellent handling, good fuel economy and is extremely easy to drive.

At Green Driving School gives you more than just a driver's license!

-By Subscribing plants / donates Green Driving a tree.
-By Passed the test for you a Green Diploma for CV.
-Indgående Methods known to green.

The training consists of:

Minimum 29 lessons of theory
Minimum 4 lessons on maneuver trajectory
Minimum 16 lessons on the way
Minimum 4 lessons on driving course

At Green Driving School, students get not only the opportunity to save money on fuel, you also get the entire 7% discount on your license! Simply bring your student card and say you saw Green Driving on


Rugårdsvej 55, kld.
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 2010 3825

Henvendelser besvares inden for 24 timer!


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green Driving School
green Driving School