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Green and freaky

GreenBilist is a driving school that works very well in environmentally friendly driving. When you take your driving license at GreenBilist you will learn to be a good driver in the Aarhusian streets and to drive as green as possible. The course usually takes 3 months, and is divided into 2 consecutive courses. Each week you have both theory teaching, where you learn the traffic rules and the Danish laws, and you also have a driving time where you are thrown into your newly acquired knowledge. If you need a driving license now and here, you can choose to take a lightning course that lasts approx. weeks. However, if you have a bad time in the calendars, your course can be organized according to your time, so your driving license will take a little longer. There are several teams running so if you miss a theory period or feel it's going to be repeated, you have the opportunity to take several hours.


The package consists of:

  • 29 lessons theory theory
  • 16 driving sections
  • maneuver Course
  • smooth Track

Price: 11.999 kr.

The theory teaching takes place in the middle of lovely Aarhus at Fredensgade 43, where you get your own "class" and the classes are held between 17:00 and 20:00 so you have the opportunity to squeeze it into your busy life.


Fredensgade 43, 8000 Århus C

Contact info

2311 2101


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