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pregnant Yoga

It's great to be pregnant, but it can also be a great strain on the body. Many experience changes both on the physical and mental level.
When you are pregnant it is important to keep the body going, so it is trained to the day you give birth. A toned body gives them more strength and endurance to cope with the hardships of a birth is.
Yoga for pregnant women postures and exercises that will help the pregnant woman to conserve energy and avoid stressful pregnancy genes.
In addition, the thorough instruction in breathing and relaxation exercises for use during pregnancy and childbirth.

You learn probably breathing exercises for an antenatal course, but you can not have too many of these courses.
It is not without reason that many midwives strongly recommend practicing yoga during pregnancy, when they see the positive impact that by relaxing and breathing techniques have on the mother during labor.
Doing yoga is like food, that require your attention and concentration. Your inner peace will benefit both you and your baby.

Some of the relaxation exercises that are specifically connected between yoga and pregnancy, pelvic floor exercises. When you exercise your pelvic floor, you get more benefits out of it. Among other things, you get stronger your abdomen, so you can better train it up after birth.

It is also a familiar nuisance to many pregnant women find it difficult to keep the water as the entire abdomen is stretched to the limit. With pelvic floor exercises you can train your abdomen so that you minimize the risk of this. It will also help you when you are older.

Another advantage is that you get a better sex life, as you can control your abdomen with pinch exercises.

Pelvic floor exercises are also particularly important after birth, so when you have given birth do not stop to yoga, but just continue afterwards.

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