Global Management and manufacturing

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Aarhus SU berettiget Bachelors 4 year Gymnasiel Aarhus university
City Aarhus
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 4 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution Aarhus university
Global Management and manufacturing
Global Management and manufacturing is an international study for students who want to work with global leadership, global governance, global sourcing and production. The global perspective is as implied a large part of the training, which focuses on new forms of production. The entire teaching is in English and is targeted to foreign students as well as Danish. The program gives you leadership skills combined with cultural awareness and understanding of sourcing and economics. The program uses global companies in the tasks as understanding of the different theories improved through the coupling to the practical tydliggøres. It could be the Bang and Olufsen, Grundfos or Lego. The program is unique in the way that you as a student will have a mentor company, which you will have to cooperate much with the third to the seventh semester. That means you get to try the theories, models and concepts in practice with your mentor company, providing you with "an entire " understanding of the theories, etc. There is close contact between students and teachers on the program, providing a good study - both academically and socially.

Job Opportunities

Logistics manager, technical manager, project manager, quality engineer in companies with a European or global profile.

Special admission requirements

* HHX * Baccalaureate * HF * HTX * Admission courses In addition to the above required: * Mathematics B * English B * Physics B

Application deadlines

Deadline for applications is June 5.