Ms. Jørgensens Smørrebrød

Although in Aarhus you can get food inspired by all corners of the world, it can sometimes be nice to return to traditional Danish food. Sandwiches, which are the classic eat, are probably the thing that we recommend all tourists to try to taste. Because it just tastes heavenly. If you want some good traditional open sandwiches that are at the same time a little healthier than most, then you get it at Ms. Jørgensens Smørrebrød on Tage Hansens Gade 31b.

The smørrebrødsstedet is close to Vestre Ringgade and right by the hospital. While it may seem a bit tucked away, it's worth taking a peek when you see the big white sign. There are both hospital staff, students and curious Aarhusians who come and taste the delicious open sandwiches.

Christine Bilde Jørgensen is behind the place. She has previously run a restaurant in England and Germany, but has now returned to Denmark to make the classic lunch dish. One has to say, she has returned in style.

For her sandwiches are not only super delicious, they are even healthy. Unlike other sandwich places, e.g. not bionda lettuce, but feldsalad. Therefore, with a clear conscience, you can snatch a little more when you know that healthy ingredients are being used.

Although many sandwiches have to be made every day, you go to Ms. Jørgensens Smørrebrød does not detract from the quality. It is bought daily, so the fresh ingredients make it a little more delicious than average. The bread is freshly baked, and that means a lot for the quality, now that the rye bread is a reasonably large part of the dish.

There are several varieties of open sandwiches on the menu. Among other things, fish fillet with remoulade, shooting stars with shrimp, mayonnaise and lemon and the vet's night food. Whether you are into meat or fish, there is a piece of open sandwich for you. In addition, you can get tasty sandwiches with organic buns and cold cuts. For example. you can get a sandwich with homemade roast beef or meatballs.

Sandwiches are a really good idea for larger events such as birthdays or company lunches, so it is good that you can order out of the house at Ms. Jørgensens Smørrebrød. As something special, they also serve open sandwiches on the weekends. As long as you order well in advance, you can get a delicious menu with all kinds of open sandwiches and hearty dishes.

You can choose between the classic open sandwiches like eggs and shrimp or their luxury open sandwiches, such as. can be with salmon, asparagus and dill dressing.

If you have a guest who is not so fond of open sandwiches, there are other options. In addition to open sandwiches, you can order hearty dishes such as ribs and meatballs with potato salad. It is also possible to order tapas if you wish.

Highly topped open sandwiches are pretty much always a winner, no matter who you ask. A nice place to get it is at Ms. Jørgensens Smørrebrød, where you are greeted with big smiles and good service. They have received 4.5 stars in reviews, so it testifies that the people of Aarhus are absolutely crazy about their open sandwiches. In addition, it is incredibly cheap, so you get full for almost no money. If you just want to have a delicious lunch or have prepared the food for the birthday, it's time to stop by the little dog on Tage Hansens Gade.


Tage Hansens Gade 31b
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 15 00 17

Opening Hours

Mandag – fredag: 10.00 - 15.00
Lørdag - søndag: Lukket