Ms. Barner's Basement

Copenhagen is full of good restaurants, so it can be difficult to find out exactly which one you want to visit. Fortunately, there are a number of things that distinguish the different restaurants from one another, and so there is a restaurant for every taste. Are you into good old-fashioned Danish food? Then you should definitely take a walk past Miss. Barners Basement in Copenhagen, located at Helgolandsgade 8A, 1653 Copenhagen V.

The restaurant is named after Miss. Barner, who was previously the owner of the present land. A Copenhagen nobleman who dedicated her life to helping young women from poverty, crime and street life. From the matric, she operated a shelter for these less mediated women. All this took place through the 20th century, and it is precisely on this basis that the a la carte restaurant Frk. Barners Basement now makes good old-fashioned and authentic Danish food.

When you visit Miss. Barners Basement, you are therefore visiting a restaurant with a good history that underlies the extremely delicious Danish cuisine found on the menu. The traditional Danish food is of course made from the best Danish ingredients, and most importantly it is homemade. So you will be able to get food at this restaurant just like your grandmother made it! Butter fried plaice fillet, meatballs with homemade potato salad, tartlets, minced beef with brown sauce and roast pork are just a few of the well-known Danish dishes that are found to have the most inviting and tempting menu. For the traditional dishes you can get beer and spirits that fit perfectly with the many Danish dishes. Ms. Barners Basement creates the best setting for a cozy time with family or friends in good old Danish settings.

Ms. Barners Basement in Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit. Once you have visited the place once, it can almost certainly be said that it was neither the first nor the last time. With their 4.7 out of 5 stars on Facebook , it also testifies that the place is definitely worth a visit. Great food and a very special atmosphere are just a few of the things that are particularly highlighted by the many previous visitors. Are you sitting with running mouth water and dreaming of a good old-fashioned tartlet, or some other delicious Danish dish, then it is just about ordering a table at Frk. Barner's Basement. The place is visitable both in summer and winter, as it is possible to sit inside as well as outside on their covered terrace. So there is no excuse not to take a stroll past this Danish gem, which is located in Copenhagen in the middle of inner Vesterbro. The atmosphere and the food are top notch and you can't miss that!


Helgolandsgade 8A
1653 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 33 33 05 33

Opening Hours

Mandag - søndag: 12.00 - 22.00