French - Masters

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Aarhus, Roskilde SU berettiget Masters 2 year Bachelor University of Copenhagen
Roskilde University (RUC)
Aarhus university
City Copenhagen, Aarhus, Roskilde
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Bachelor
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
Roskilde University (RUC)
Aarhus university

At the Master's degree in French you will get intensive training so you can use your French in all conceivable situations from professional negotiation interpretation tasks.

Alongside language training, you improve your horizons considerably in French literature, culture, history, politics, general linguistics, economic and market conditions and more. Over the two years are encouraged to take an internship in a company or study at a French university to improve your French and get some "hands-on" experience.

French is the study of culture country France and its long and Glorious history, as well as a study of language is frank in speaking and writing. France is one of the great cultural nations and have helped to shape the rest of the world with its literature and philosophy, but also economically and politically for many centuries.

The primary focus of the program in French at RUC is the linguistic element. You learn to speak and write frank, so you can use the language in various situations. You gain the necessary linguistic skills that make you the perfect pronunciation and are able to communicate via advanced media like news, job application, translation services, interpreting, teaching and more.

Beside teaching languages ​​go in depth with French society. This means that you are dealing with many levels as politics, civics, literature, economics, philosophy, history and how France affect the world around them, especially their impact and significance it has for Denmark and Danish culture.

The study and teaching
The study is based on three modules, each with a particular focus area. Beside each module follow courses language Frank and disciplines such as grammar, phonetics, translations and reading.

With the first module, you start the superstructure in French with a course and project work, where you get a thorough introduction to French society. The instruction includes, literary and philosophical works that illustrate significant periods and trends of France's economic, political and social history. With the project include a study trip to Paris, where you get the opportunity to experience urban city and the many cultural institutions, museums and theaters, as well as go to cafes and restaurants and enjoy French specialties from the French gastronomy.

The second module delves into French culture and especially text analysis. You get acquainted with important and culture, the texts which are of great importance for French culture. Apart from teaching you in small study groups with fellow students, work with tasks which is about literature, philosophy, communication, language, history or politics.

The third module is the specialty that you must write in order to complete your poop in French. You can choose your topic and you have great freedom to how you want to attack the issue scientifically.

Combinations with French
To take a master's degree in French you must combine your specialized subject with another subject. You can choose any other subject you want to supplement your training with Frank. The following courses are popular among students:

International Development Studies

Job Opportunities

Bachelors and Masters in French is equipped for a career in areas such as teaching, translation, interpretation, export consultancy.

Related student jobs

Become a tutor or a teacher of French at evening classes or private, as there are many people who would like to learn French.