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City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
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Education Institution Vraa School

At Vraa high school, we offer a line majored in art photography. It's a big subject with many niches. It is not important for us whether a picture is taken digital or analog.

What is important is how the picture is going to look like in the end. How does a photograph out when holding it in his hands - or when it hangs on the wall.

Everyone can in principle take pictures these days - the technique has helped us ... Most have gone digital ... It is not!

Therefore, the darkroom work important. In the darkroom, you can create things that no computer program can do. This refers to the quality of the final print quality of the paper selected, the chosen technique and not least in the sustainability of the photograph. In the darkroom can work with both digital and analog negatives. Why either / or when you can take the best of several worlds?

The possibilities are almost endless in your search for the right technology that goes to your selected image.

The technique could be: Liquid emulsion - cyanotype - Van Dyke - bromoil - gradients. . .

The content could be: Portrait - landscape - still life - staged photography. . .


Teaching is for everyone. There are taught in many new and old techniques from tasks. Images are discussed together, so everyone gets the chance to train the eye for what makes a good picture or not.

We have studio and large darkroom with enlargers, which can take up to 13x18cm negatives ... But we also scanner, printer and computers with Photoshop hospitalized.

Vraa School thinking internationally. Therefore, the chance that you are going to study with several from abroad very much. Therefore, part of the teaching in English. Can not English, then there can afford it - we translate like.

Discussions about the photograph and its content - about technique and expression, sharpens the eye, and you become a much better critic - and photographer.

Job Opportunities

You can become a photographer of the good kind that has both sense of lighting and hours, so you can create some interesting images.

You can also make photo exhibitions and thus become a photographic artist.