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City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Odense Ingen SU eller løn Courses on specific subjects Ingen Odense Vocational School
City Odense
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Courses on specific subjects
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Odense Vocational School
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Maybe it's the weather outside that gets you started? Perhaps an experience? An outrage! A dream. A news from DR Update yesterday. A piece of music.

You have something to say. About small and big things in the world. About everyday life. Life. And you would really like to have readers. Have response. And you would like to become better at writing. Because it is fun. Maybe it's your passion? You just can not help it.

You give yourself time to work with the language and form. You taste the words, brings together fun and new expressions. Many in English. Are you nerdy, you might have a special interest in forgotten and discarded Danish words ordlig from ordkirkegården

We live in a society where we almost bathe in texts in all shades, uninterrupted. Ude, at home, in cyberspace.

You communicate securely almost around the clock on anything and everything: mobile phone text messages on MSN, Hotmail - if it is not already outdated, chatting on Facebook and reformulate your profile and update your electronic diary.

You must write translations, essays and essays in English, Danish, German to review, submit summaries and reviews you may write small yellow memo notes, diary entries, projects, make arrangements with your school counselor or employer formulates a complaint to the municipality, an advertisement, a job application, perhaps a post to debate on your blog?

You communicate to one consignee with a specific purpose and for a purpose-specific code. And often a successful communication. Your message will be understood. And answered.

But how often do you have real opportunity and the time to write out of sheer desire? To really have time to dwell on your text, whether it is a short story, a poem, an essay. Changing the composition, phrases, words? Immerse yourself and forget time and place. Without any specific recipient. And without any particular reason? And without time pressure?

The subjects on the byline:
Writing, reading and discussing texts, the text content of the text form and language, product, finish, layout and communication, Author Terms, working, Drawing, Illustration, Color Learning, Computing, Arts, Culture, Literature and Film History.

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