Fjordager BK Odense - (Basketball)

Fjordager BK Odense - (Basketball)

Fjordager BK Odense is a basketball club that puts as much emphasis on the social aspect, as the training itself. In Fjordager BK Odense can train basketball professionally. It is the club's ambition to attract new members by offering talented and dedicated coaches and good facilities for all club members. Fjordager BK Odense will be a focal point for basketball interested throughout Odense, regardless of age and level. There are pro tempore about 100 members in the following ways: * 1. division gentlemen * 2nd division ladies * 3rd division gentlemen * Wheelchair Basketball (men / ladies) * youths, gentlemen * Junior, gentlemen * Boys / Girls Different quota of Fjordager BK Odense's teams . As given in quotas per. half: Ladies: 675,00 kr. Sirs: 675,00 kr. Yngling: 550.00 kr. Boys / Girls: 450,00 kr. Junior: 450,00 kr. Wheelchair: 675,00 kr.

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(H. C. Andersen skolen) - Tjørnehaven 175 - 5240 Odense NØ

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Fjordager BK Odense - (Basketball)