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City Denmark
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Education Institution School for Development of consciousness in Rørvig
film line

Are you a big fan of movies and interests you very much for how it is recorded, filmed and so on, as well as the lighting and more. And one of your major film idols David Lynch? Then this training made in order to you.

Precisely David Lynch has previously visited the high school and has dedicated film line called The David Lynch Film Department. With his simple techniques, he is among the leaders in the world to create exciting movie and effects based on the techniques he uses.

To make David Lynch feat is probably inordinately ambitious to start with, a bit like making a copy of the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel. But the point of the program is to create your own expression through a movie. In this way you develop your talents and find yourself through the lens of the camera.

You will be taught in some of the techniques as David Lynch himself uses.

You will be presented for the different types of films, such as Short films, art films and other types of film.

In addition, work with video and technology, art, editing, film history and analysis, as well as music and camera technology.

Besides learning the cinematic universe know you also get training in script writing. It is typically instructors who often writes a screenplay. You learn how to write and communicate your manuscript as others, including the actors must be able to empathize with it, and feel that it is their lives they are living out. First such it becomes a really good movie.