Eurytmiuddannelse Aarhus

Eurytmiuddannelse Aarhus

Eurytmiuddannelse aims to train students in three specialized areas: art, education and therapy.

The full eurytmistudium lasts 4 years, of which the first 2 years can be considered more general education. In the last 2 years there is more emphasis on the individual grip of the substance. If all four years, will be provided with a certificate that entitles the official to act as a teacher and performer. The academic year is divided into trimesters, all of them ending with a performance of the newly acquired substance. A satisfactory mastery of this must be the basis for the study to proceed. If you wish from the student's side to interrupt the program, this must be done at the end of a trimester.


There is no technical requirement to be admitted to the school, only a reasonable healthy physique and mental constitution. The age should preferably be between 18 and 35 years. The first year is considered trial year. Wanted admission to the school sent a written application (attached short curriculum vitae and a passport photo). There will then be invited for interview. When recording has been confirmed from the school, must pay a registration fee of kr. 500, which will then be deducted from the first payment of school fees.

School fees

Pr. Kr.2000.- month (for 12 months). The program is SU entitled receiving help with tuition.


Rosenvangs Allé 251
8270 Højbjerg

Contact info

Telefon: 8627 0346


Eurytmiuddannelse Aarhus