Essential Psychotherapist and Coach (EPC)

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Education Institution Oasis - Growth Centre for Personal Development
Essential Psychotherapist and Coach (EPC)

This training gives you a thorough therapeutic background which qualifies you to work professionally with other people as Essential Psychotherapist and Coach. Essential in this context means something significant and decisive concerning our true nature. The course is 20 days per year divided into 4 modules of 5 days with about 2½ months from. The essence is real to us, the original is not contingent upon or produced by something external. The essence is always present in us, but the mind is often so full of thoughts and ideas that the essence is not discovered. To integrate the work of the essence, it is true, it describes the real, the genuine in us, makes working with self-development deeper and more meaningful.

diamond method

Diamond method, "Diamond Approach ", developed by AH Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam, USA, integrates the work of the modern depth psychology and spirituality. It is based on an understanding of how we lose the essence during the early growth and development and how we can raise awareness and reclaim all aspects of the essence of our being. Diamond method explores the essential being that the deepest truth about who we are. Here is considered the spiritual journey as a process in which the personality gradually releases its grip on our being while allowing the essence to come forward.


The centerpiece of the program is that the participants go through a deep personal and spiritual development process where the individual through self-knowledge and liberation of the inner resources to learn to use themselves with greater insight, clarity and strength. Participants will learn the latest techniques in the modern development and psykoterapis areas and few effective tools in advanced communication and conflict resolution as well as coaching and self-development techniques. Attendees will also have basic knowledge in developmental psychology, change principles, defense mechanisms and development processes, and during the entire course will be trained in contact - conversation - therapeutic skills. Topics such as essen states and spirituality, relationships between body and mind, ethics and whole, values ​​and objectives are an integral part of teaching. The program's overall goal is to train well-qualified psychotherapists with maturity and versatile skills can practice psychotherapy and coaching on an ethically sound basis.


To be admitted to the program must have experience in personal development and therapy, and be at least 25 years at the start of training. You must be independent and mature, and prepared to work personally and deeply with yourself. You must have completed the courses "Healing and release your inner child ", steps 1 - 3 before starting, but may wait to take either level 2 or level 3 during the first year of basic education. Prior to admission to the program you need to have a conversation with Kasha about the program and about your background is adequate to participate in periodic training.