Essence - Meditation - Mindfulness

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Essence - Meditation - Mindfulness
"No moments repeat themselves, will never come again, and yet it is as if we overlook the value of this time and time again. As we do not live the present moment fully and in this way, we indirectly miss it." The Oasis offers a new and exciting group sessions over 8 evenings, for all who want to train and build a vibrant meditative practice in everyday life, based on the presence and full attention. Through meditative exercises, guided meditations, essen work and training in Mindfulness, you get tools that support you in strengthening your self-knowledge, sharpen your senses and achieve greater attention and presence in your everyday life.

Being fully present

Mindfulness is to be fully present in this very moment. Having all senses open, to be fully aware of all the thoughts, feelings and sensations. Without judgment. Moment by moment. Without a lot of analytical or critical to what you experience. Being able to be present in the moment, therefore requires that you train your attention, so you do not just automatically migrate away with tank the eternal movement between past and future. In planning, anxiety or worry about the future or nostalgia or brooding over the past. By training your presence through mindfulness, you become more aware of what takes you away from the present moment and thus also train to get back to the moment. This awareness will open up new opportunities in your life. When we rest in relaxed presence, responding we from a more open and serene place. It becomes easier to make the right decisions, listen and believe in yourself, your intuition and act in accordance with your own flow.

Presence is in short supply, we pursue happiness outside ourselves

Presence is for many short supply and we were chasing a constant sense of happiness, we believe we can achieve outside ourselves or we have given up ever to achieve it. But the paradox is that when we come present in ourselves, then comes the calm, the inner joy, clarity and certainty about what needs to be done all by itself. Our resources and qualities already exists in us and is not something we first going out to find. To be present, to live awake awareness / mindfulness will over time re-establish contact with our own depth, love, compassion and infinite potential.

Where are we when we are not here?

It sounds specious simple and simple to be able to stay present in the moment, but nevertheless it is the hardest for most people. And why is it so? Where are we when we are not present here and now? Where do we go or what takes us away? And what can give us to get more present in the moment, rather than flit to and fro in the tank the eternal movement and come creator of everything we experience?

Like waking from a dream

When presence, the waking consciousness replaces our old thought and behavior patterns, our depth and essential nature take more and more through everything we do. As that is lit from within. As to watch every moment more clearly, free of all condemnation, daily routines, noise and mind eternal interpretations. Some describe it, like waking from a dream, which for the first time to be alive and conscious present with all things being.

Listening to and rely more on yourself

To get there and be more present leads many benefits. You may learn to know yourself better, have greater self-awareness, greater vigor and easier access to your resources, skills and potential. You also learn to listen to and rely more on yourself. In full presence you get natural access to the essence-qualities as self-acceptance, compassion for yourself and others, and the ability to rest in yourself. When we bring the comings and being together arises balance and inner peace naturally, and we are in a way beyond our normal way of thinking and reacting. Nothing major will be able to take over and unfold when we are open and present with ourselves. Some call it intuition, creativity, inner clarification, guidance or awake attention.

As the sea and the waves

Many have described the mind as the waves of the sea level, which may rage and be stormy, restless, or quiet. We lose and identify with the mind waves, rather than see the infinite depth in each of us, as the sea symbolizes. This happens when we lose ourselves in the past, future, in our many activities, stories, thoughts and feelings and thereby lose contact with our own depth, presence and inner peace. Often the result is a feeling of stress and anxiety, anxiety, meaninglessness or loneliness. So wherever we are, we can move up to the surface and still know we're connected with our depth. That we are the sea, whether we are in depth, in the silence, or on the surface. When we become more opmærksattention to how we move - we can at any time connect with the infinite, with the open attention, which with time gives us a deep sense of who we ARE.

Like playing in an orchestra

When we are not in contact with the deeper layers of our being, it is like we are constantly trying to reach somewhere and have made all our chores without being in contact with ourselves. Without first having tuned into ourselves or gotten ourselves completely with what we do. It would be like having to play with a large orchestra without first tune in to yourself, your instrument and the others in the band. Even the greatest musicians would not dream of playing without first tune.

Happiness is within us

One of the major misconceptions is that we must find joy and happiness outside ourselves, when we have forgotten who we are. Forgot that we are love, joy and peacefulness. We just need to be more present in ourselves and we know that not to many meters below sea level to experience silence without disturbance. Meditation and awake attention allows us time to experience a deep and grounded sense of who we are.


The symptoms of this non-contact with ourselves are diverse, but to name a few: stress, performance anxiety, eternal concerns, meaninglessness and the feeling of not belonging. We are perhaps physically present example. with a friend, our children or with a task, but we are there really? The present and the present? Or are we in the process of planning the next, our purchases, tomorrow's to-do or the advice we want to give the friend / her friend?

New possibilities

By strengthening our presence, we can become more aware of what takes us away from the present moment and thus train to get back to the moment. This awareness will open up new opportunities in our lives. From my long experience I know that it is primarily the continuity of the daily meditative practice is essential. Continuity assists us not to give up as soon as we meet resistance or challenged in the new steps and actions.