English proofreading

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Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Business courses Ingen Danish Sprogseminarer
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Business courses
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Education Institution Danish Sprogseminarer
English proofreading

Most Danes is now bilingual, and many of us read and write daily texts in English. But English is difficult, and in addition to the errors also natives may commit, has Danish concepts and sentence patterns are easy to sneak into our English texts. At this seminar you developed your talent to correct mistakes - and catch dubious formulations - in your own and other English texts.

English proofreading in theory

When you read the review, you must correct his eagle eye on all text elements incl. context. We hit the right readers, there are logical flaws, is the language of the order, there are misspellings and punctuation correct? All of these conditions, we will look into. Through practical exercises, we will explore what the different tools, including dictionaries, Internet searches and text corpora, each suited to. We will include look at when to reveal itself as Dane through its English formulations. Finally we come to the difference between British and American spellings and word forms - a factor of great importance for Danish companies in these years sk

English proofreading in practice

We will now focus on English texts written by Danes. What we must be most aware of when we proofread others - or own - texts in English? You have the opportunity to train your detective skills in a series of short English texts written in this country. The text comes from newspapers, pamphlets, official documents and municipal and corporate websites. However, we must not only "put red lines ", but also try to create text that is both linguistically accurate and reader-friendly.

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