Eclore is one of the hairdressers in Aalborg, which pays most attention to health. This ensures your, hairdressers and nature's continued well-being. - At Eclore you are always guaranteed the best and healthiest products.

ORGANIC COLOUR SYSTEMS is one of their three color systems, which is a nature-based color series. It is with no ammonia and is therefore less damaging to hair than other chemical hair dyes. The hair is left with a great shine and a natural look. The colors containing more than 95% natural ingredients from the base and cover gray hair 100%. It can lighten your hair, and works both as a toning and a permanent hair color.

ORGANIC COLOUR SYSTEMS contains organic Aloe Vera extract and organic vitamin E, which provides natural protection, and includes many moisturizing and antioxidant substances that ensures that the hair gets the best possible care and protection. This series has a low content of Paraphenylene diamine (PPD), in order to protect allergic people.

ORGANIC COLOUR SYSTEMS is a color range with many advantages:

for customer

-No Structural damage to the hair!
-Blankt, Shiny hair that looks natural
-Maybe The most natural permanent color range on the market

for the hairdresser

  -No Toxic ammonia fumes!
-No Headache or dry mucous membranes after a working day
-Better work

for nature

-lower Chemicals in the waste water!
-Eneste Permanent color series with organic ingredients
-No Resorcinol that is flushed out (pure resorcinol can not degrade)


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