EASV goes on the offensive with more digital educations

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EASV goes on the offensive with more digital educations

Erhvervsakademie SydVest (EASV) is further ramping up digitalisation. Based on positive experiences from the corona era, the academy now offers prospective full-time students three new online courses. The courses are to strengthen EASV in the fight for students from the ever-smaller youth cohorts and increase the attraction of labor to the southern Danish companies.


During the corona, EASV made a virtue out of necessity and moved the teaching from the classrooms to the computer screen. Both students and lecturers at the academy's higher education received a surprisingly positive response, and interest in the purely online education has increased, even though the corona shutdowns are a thing of the past.


Strengthens both EASV and the companies

That's why EASV is launching three new full-time online degree programs in 2023, namely bachelor of finance, building designer and international trade & marketing, says the rector, Henrik Larsen.

"The corona showed us that there is a market for higher education online. Many students appreciate the flexibility it provides, also in the choice of study location, and there is no doubt that with as many as seven online programs next year, we will be attractive to many more students from a much larger geographical area." he says.


Henrik Larsen believes that the companies in Southern Denmark, which EASV is set up to supply with qualified labour, will also benefit from the academy's online offensive. Even if the students do not have the same physical connection to EASV's campuses in Esbjerg and Sønderborg.


"Although the teaching takes place online, the students will still have a connection to EASV and thus to our part of Denmark. We will also offer physical guidance and sparring with the teachers and participation in professional and social events in both Esbjerg and Sønderborg. In doing so, we also do not compromise on our basic approach to teaching, namely that the students are closer to reality and have close contact with both lecturers and fellow students, says the principal.


Will be leading both online and offline

Teaching in small groups and the students' close association with the academy and southern Danish companies are among the parameters that have sent EASV to the top of all the country's business academies in terms of student satisfaction for 10 years in a row. Another decisive factor in student satisfaction, also during the corona shutdowns, has been the teachers' professionalism and dedication. This was manifested earlier this year, when Associate Professor Jeppe Moritz Led was named Denmark's Best Teacher.


"We are very careful to stick to what makes EASV attractive to both students, teachers and the local business community, not least when we are now strengthening the digital part of our educational offer. We must be a leader both online and offline," states Henrik Larsen.




For further information see easv.dk and feel free to contact headmaster Henrik Larsen on 4177 5700.