Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen include teaching and research in science disciplines. Faculty is divided into 9 smaller institutions in total.

The Faculty of Science is located in beautiful surroundings in the old observatory at Rosenborg Bastion. In front of the observatory stands a majestic statue of the famous Danish scientist Tycho Brahe, who watches over the whole Copenhagen. Faculty focuses on the following areas, which runs from classic disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, geography, computer science, mathematics, geology to more contemporary disciplines such as molecular biomedicine, nanotechnology and eScience.

About Faculty

The Faculty of Science provides research, education and communication at the highest international level. With 7,000 students and 1,500 full-time faculty is the largest faculty of science.

The faculty is organized into nine schools , including the Natural History Museum, which houses the Botanical Garden & Museum, Geological Museum and the Zoological Museum.

The Faculty research and teaching are varied: from classic disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, geography, geology, physical education, computer science and mathematics to modern, specialized disciplines such as molecular biomedicine, nanotechnology, eScience and science education. The courses are part of a wide range of courses offered at the undergraduate, graduate - and PhD level.

The faculty is a leader in scientific research. Much of the research is conducted in collaboration with industry and with research colleagues at home and abroad.

Film about Faculty of Science

Action plans for faculty administrative units
See a summary of the action plans that can be downloaded in PDF and Excel format

Development of the North Campus
The Faculty administration and most of the faculty's departments are now being assembled on North Campus , where the planning of Niels Bohr Science Park is also well underway.

Video on biokemikeruddannelsen

Video on biology education

Video about the program to the data

See more videos about programs at the Faculty of Science in Copenhagen.


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Telefon: 35 33 28 28

E-mail: science@science.ku.dk


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Faculty of Science
Faculty of Science