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The Collective Wardrobe is an obvious concept for you as a young student who wants to have a smart wardrobe and explore your style in a way that doesn't hurt everything in the budget. If you go into sustainability, you will most likely want to read a little more about the concept. The Collective Wardrobe has stores in Funen as well as in Copenhagen and Jutland. In Odense you will find a shop on Nedergade 26.

The Collective Wardrobe is an incredibly smart concept that will most likely fall in the interest of many people, regardless of age. Overall, they describe themselves as a member-based clothing community that is for women of all ages. You become a member and pay a monthly amount. Your membership is non-binding. When you become a member, you receive a lot of great opportunities! You get points for handing your clothes yourself. The points will be added to your membership account and your clothes will be exchanged for points you can spend on new clothes !. To keep track of these points, you can very well download their own app . As you get the clothes you no longer wear, other members can enjoy your items. When you need something new in the wardrobe, you can make some finds among other members' used but nice clothes that they have delivered to the store. So everyone benefits from this concept.

Want to know a little more about the concept before you throw yourself into it? Then you can quietly cheat a little on their own website, where you among other things. can get answers to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the concept and membership conditions, etc.

If you want to join the exciting clothing community, you can also stay up to date on the latest from the Collective Wardrobe on their social media. Stay tuned updated on their Instagram profile right here.

The Collective Wardrobe is an ideal concept for you who are up to sustainability, are against overproduction and who therefore want to make an active difference. By being an active member of the Collective Wardrobe, you are fighting the overproduction of the clothing industry. And of course there is also a lot of money to save if you are an active member.

Are you the type who enjoys changing the wardrobe? Then it may be that the Collective Wardrobe is for you. Here you have the opportunity to hand over the clothes that you do not use, while also being able to shop among clothes from the other members of the community. There are local shops in different parts of the country. If you are in Odense, you can visit the Collective Wardrobe on Nedergade and take a look at the exciting clothes in the shop.


Nedergade 26
5000 Odense

Contact info

Telefon: 50 56 98 62


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