The Humanities and Technology BSc (HUM-TEK)

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Roskilde SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel Roskilde University (RUC)
City Roskilde
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution Roskilde University (RUC)
The Humanities and Technology BSc (HUM-TEK)

The Humanities Technology Bachelor's degree, also called HUM-TEK is a study in humans, design and technology.

The issues are dealt with at the training is of a very complex character, which means that the general training covers the whole problem.

The technology, design and human factors play into the whole program and therefore there is a need to know all the theories and ways of thinking in different areas. This includes many branches of scientific methods and theories from technology used in the Humanities and Technology BSc.

Design part of the program spreads also over many fields, among other things, product design, web design, graphical user interfaces, and other elements that need a design. It may even be the design of experiences, spaces, environments and events.

Should you study at HUM-TEK will help you much of the way if you have some of the characteristics of the emphasis on the education side.

HUM-TEK believe that it is important that you are creative and methodical in your work style. You must be good at theoretical understanding and to test it in practice. You must have a solid understanding of technology and its use in modern society.

Can you nod yes to the above items, you can suitably choose this education.

Study content:

The Humanities and Technology Bachelor's degree is equivalent to 3 years which equals 180 ECTS credits. During the first 1½ years of the course work with basic courses in core subjects design, technology and people. Moreover, you can specialize in design by taking two more supplementary courses.

The last 1½ years of the program must choose two basic subjects, one of which must be technological. The other electives can almost choose freely from all the shelves among RUCs basic courses, as long as they give enough credit points combined.

When writing your bachelor, do you work in depth on a chosen topic. This is also where you will show how much knowledge you have gained through training.

Teaching is an equal mix of courses, workshops and project work. All students will be divided into houses and there are four houses on HUM-TEK, which all have a common canteen. Project meetings are held in individual houses with the project you are involved in.

Moreover, you as a student at HUM-TEK access to FabLab where you can build and design your own prototypes.

Overall, it gives the Humanities and Technology BSc you useful theoretical and practical skills which is a solid foundation for your further studies. Want to get more information, please contact: Study Guide for the Humanities-Technology BSc


Special admission requirements

The admission requirements for basic studies is a secondary education with Danish at A-level English at B level and mathematics at B level.

Application deadlines

The deadline for application is d. June 1 from semester in late August