The Philosophical Foredragsforening Symposium

The Philosophical Foredragsforening Symposium

Lecture Society Symposium is aimed at all students who have an interest or a passion for philosophical topics and debate.

Symposions purpose is to present a wide range of people concerned with philosophy in Denmark. It may be the department's own employees, employees of other philosophical institutions in Denmark or persons outside the fagfilosofiske environment whose work nevertheless is of a philosophical nature. Furthermore, the association must be a forum for discussion and contacts among Philosophy The environment at the department and other interested philosophy, and will be a focal point for the philosophy students of different vintages and teachers at Philosophy.


Institut for Filosofi, Pædagogik og Religionsstudier - Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M

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The Philosophical Foredragsforening Symposium