Are you looking for a nice restaurant in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen? Then we have a bid for you right here. Deligreco is a cozy restaurant and wine bar, where the food is inspired by traditions from Greece, the Mediterranean and Denmark. Here the food is delicious. The mood is good. And you get a nice service. Specifically, you will find Deligreco in Copenhagen on Old Kongevej 170.

Deligreco opens (almost) daily to happy guests who look forward to a wonderful dining experience in a cozy setting. The interior design of the restaurant first and foremost creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable during your visit. Here you really have the opportunity to lower your shoulders after a long day of exams or work and enjoy tasty food and a good glass of wine with your study buddies, your boyfriend or maybe your parents.

Check out Deligreco on Instagram here. On the restaurant's profile on Instagram you can see pictures of the delicious food and get an impression of the atmosphere.

If we take a closer look at the menu card, it is no longer possible until you are tempted by one or more of the exciting dishes on the menu card. We will definitely do that. Here, the best of Greece, the Mediterranean and Denmark meet and create a universe that makes their mouths run in water. If you want to get a little clearer about what the menu contains, we highly recommend you read about it on Deligreco's own website. The food is arranged in such a way that it is shared between all those sitting at the table. It helps to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere during the meal.

To complete the dining experience, you can choose to enjoy your food in the company of a good glass of wine. Good wines have many Deligreco in stock, so they are ready to advise you if you are unsure which wine fits the food of your choice.

If you are looking for a nice restaurant and wine bar in Frederiksberg, then you may need to take a closer look at Deligreco. Here there is good atmosphere, delicious food and good service. At the same time, the physical setting is ideal for a delightful restaurant experience. If you need to hear what others have liked about their visit to Deligreco, read reviews from previous guests on the restaurant's own Facebook page.


Gammel Kongevej 170
1850 Frederikberg

Contact info

Telefon: 38 34 00 08

Opening Hours

Mandag: 17.00 - 21.00
Tirsdag - torsdag: 17.00 - 22.00
Fredag - lørdag: 17.00 - 23.30


Deligreco's website