Danish Kinesiologists

Danish Kinesiologists

Kinesiology is a newer concept in treating the world and it's not something that comes from China, although you might have a tendency to believe it. However, there is little Asian flavor in the form of treatment as it is a combination of the eastern theory of the body's energy channels, as well as the western knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

In fact, it emerged in the 1960s in the United States, where a chiropractor named George Goodheart found out that you could affect acupuncture points on the body's energy pathways and thus hit the parts of the body, as this meridian (energy trajectory) led to.

The technique is used not only in humans but also in animals have muscle problems or other deficiencies that can be corrected with pressure and influences the right places.

One method that is used in all the directions are kinesiology muscle test. This test shows where the problem lies with the patient so that you can work with the troubled area.

Research is part of Kinesiology since the good performance has a positive effect on many patients.

There are many healthcare professionals who choose to study for kinesiologist, so they can specialize in the body's energy pathways and understand the human being in a whole new way.


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Danish Kinesiologists
Danish Kinesiologists
Danish Kinesiologists
Danish Kinesiologists