Dai Ki Haku Martial Art

Dai Ki Haku Martial Art

Are you looking for a martial art in Aarhus, so we highly recommend you to look at Dai Ki Haku, who has it all and more. Are you more for video than text, we can recommend you some exciting videos on and DKH in Aarhus.

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about DKH

Dai Ki Haku Martial Art is a realistic combat form - focused self-defense on the street level. Fixed combinations does not help a late night on the street, it only makes skills along with improvisation, creativity, strength and courage. Dai Ki Haku is effective, realistic and intelligent in its design as it is based on an equal relationship between the strategic, the mental and the physical aspect.

The best from different styles

Dai Ki Haku combines all the martial world can offer, and there is room for everyone. The training taught all elements of combat techniques. Punches, kicks, throws, ground fighting and weapons training are just some of these. Match shape is composed of many different fighting styles, from which the most effective elements are weighted. One learns therefore to struggle with his whole body, his mind and nearly everything to get her hands. There practiced struggle under many different conditions, and establish realistic self defense situations that are done with and without protective equipment. You learn to defend yourself against one or more opponents, and the intensity of the situations depends on the level.

Match everyday

The teaching draws constant parallels to everyday life. Accuracy, balance and attention is not only something that is important in the gym, and if one chooses Dai Ki Haku, it is possible consciously and unconsciously transfer these items to common situations in everyday life. A difficult challenge in life is comparable to a tough battle in the training, and the goal is to use his fighting skills to act in everyday situations. For example: - When you are pressed in the training build resilience and endurance. - During the fight with different people learn to read your opponent and anticipate situations. - A prerequisite for profits in a match is concentration, presence and attention. Cross Training, bare feet and grounding actual teaching takes place everywhere; inside and out and in all kinds of environment. Often for it to be so real-to-life as possible. Dai Ki Haku does not use the fitness and strength machines in the classroom, instead used the elements of nature. We train in bare feet and have always done it from Dai Ki Haku beginning. We believe that it is healthy to get natural massage under your feet and it increases ground. The feet are not locked into a pair of shoes and it increases energy flow.

internal force

Dai Ki Haku means translated "The inner Kraft's outer radiance." We place great emphasis on working with the inner force. The inner power is essientielle in all of us. With great inner strength, one is able to complete all your objectives.

Inner peace

As a counterpart to the powerful physical part of Dai Ki Haku great emphasis on inner peace. The inner peace is strengthened through energy exercises, meditation and balance exercises in class. Internal power and balance creates a strong person who can not be beaten off course.

Get better against

Through an efficient and nuanced struggle style, which focuses on the individual, build up the internal force, so that the individual among other things, achieve more balance in all areas of life. A balance between the head and body and you learn how to deal with many kinds of problems in life, because you can transfer what you learn in physical combat to everything else in life. One of the most basic of ourselves is to be able to defend themselves, and Dai Ki Haku get some tools for this. These tools go deeper than just the physical battle as practicing presence, attention, precision and focus.

Respect and empathy

We also work with the idea that we are all one, nature and all creatures. Therefore, one must show respect and compassion for everyone you meet on the way. This respect starts in the hall of sparring with coaching peers and instructors. There is always a good atmosphere and there is room for everyone.

Improved self-esteem and stress on the decline

Typically get our students more peace and balance in their lives. If you feel stressed, it can train Dai Ki Haku create a healthy counterpoint to it which gives one stress. many uplives that they have more energy. It improves among other things, focusing ability, concentration and body awareness. Also self-esteem and self-confidence gets a jolt up in it to build a positive image of his own ability.

Prices, training times etc. for Youth 15-24

In practice, trained in small groups together the team, the groups are age-best split. With the large age spread in mind organized these groups so that training intensity and you have to learn to suit the individual groups, as well as, for each student. Here, too, we keep track of each student and organize the teaching so that each student gets the best possible out of the training. Simply match the training to you.


This age group can typically be many challenges both in training and in life and regardless of age. Here Dai Ki Haku be a platform for the individual student. Here you will meet other young people, all with different backgrounds, you can make new friends or a partner to train with. There is in general a great unity and community to pick up in training.

builds self-esteem

Many young people need to learn self-defense because it builds self-esteem and gives peace and concentration to do all the other things that fill in one's life. It gives course strength, energy and health. Please read on Dai Ki Haku and Match Method to get more knowledge about what education provides and what makes Dai Ki Haku for so special a tool to master.


Århus: either Monday or Thursday. 17:00 to 18:30

Extra ADDITIONAL training: Tuesday. 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Hold Start

From May 1 to September 1, 2012 do they perceive the new students.


850 kr per. quarter

About Shihan Ørum

Shihan Kurt Orum has founded Dai Ki Haku Martial Art - an effective Danish melee form. Shihan means "High Revered Master," a title of international master in the martial world has granted him. This title is used instead of his given name.

Shihan Kurt Ørum

Shihan Kurt Ørum was born in 1960. Shihan Ørum started martial arts at age 14 in 1974, and he knew even then that it would become a passion and a lifetime of study. He founded the Dai Ki Haku in 1983. It was unconventional to start his own fighting style in Denmark at the age of 23 years. For several years he traveled around the world and studied martial arts. He cultivated various branches and made Dai Ki Haku out of his desire to create something that was effective, realistic and mentally and - physical building. At the same time it should be built around the individual student based on the student gain greater inner strength and inner power.

Grad, prices and honors

Shihan Ørum has over the years received a number of awards and the like. Here is an excerpt: - International Masters has awarded Shihan 9th Dan (the ninth degree black belt), and he is among the highest graded combat artists in the world. - Shihan has been recorded in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame with a Humanitarian Award. - He is interested in Martial Arts Personalities of the World. - He has received a Martial Arts Program Developmental Award from IKSA. - He is admitted in Society of Soke, which is a worldwide collection of individuals who have founded a martial art style.

extremely active

Shihan is today still very active and put their own training very high. It is what enables him to be genuine enthusiastic in everything he does. He is currently working towards being able to achieve 10th Dan. Shihan is the leader of Opholdsstedet Dai Ki Haku which he started in 1999. He is also the mentor and supervisor. He gives courses, lectures and has authored several books.

How do I start?

Try to be involved in training one evening, along with other beginners. In the beginning we train in ordinary workout clothes, so you just have to remember a pair of pants, a sweater and a pair of shoes, so you can come and join in. The first two times is free, so you have the best opportunity to see if this is something for you. We look forward to seeing you!

Start training

You are very welcome! Everyone is welcome at Dai Ki Haku any level. There are great opportunities both for the novice who has never tried before and for the experienced who may have grown other forms of struggle. There are no prior requirements for one's physical ability to participate in Dai Ki Haku teaching. Find your team at the training table and look inside. We look forward to seeing you and contact us if you have questions.

Train up to 2 times per week

It is possible with its contingent to participate in up to 2 lessons per. week. That is, a solid training with his regular team and then an additional training.

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Dai Ki Haku Martial Art
Dai Ki Haku Martial Art
Dai Ki Haku Martial Art
Dai Ki Haku Martial Art