Chr. Cables memorial fund

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Technical Training

Meant for


Application deadline

3rd quarter


The fund can apply for study and training at higher education institutions (universities and business schools).


Grants can be applied for: Study by the country's institutions of higher education - university, business school etc. Can be applied by persons resident in, or related to the former Ringkjøbing and Holmlands municipalities. Attachment to the former Ringkøbing or earlier Holmlands municipality shall be developed with parents' residence - the applicant's education and possible. other links to the areas. Documentation for recording / begun trial is expected enclosed by the applicant. For the sake of regulatory requirements should personal identification attached.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Application forms can be obtained by sending a stamped (A5) envelope to: Scholarship Board v / lawyer Bjarne Lund Jørgensen Østergade 8 6950 Ringkjøbing. Or request an application by mail to:


Applications must reach the Foundation no later than d. September 1st.


Adv. Bjarne Lund Jørgensen Østergade 8 6950 Ringkøbing