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Studies and internships abroad

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2nd quarter
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Nordea Foundation awards annually 5 million. kr. to study abroad for graduate students and 2 million. kr. to study abroad for bachelors. Legat portions are up to 30,000 kr.



The grant will support the student can travel the world and take part of his education there in order to:

• Acquire professional skills that are not available at the educational institution in Denmark

• Learning to cope in a global world and work with people with a different background than your own

• Get a global outlook and intercultural skills

• Get good and exciting experiences with in life

To be considered for a scholarship, you must include meet the following requirements:

• During the stay abroad you must be affiliated with an educational institution or a training place

• The teaching / internship must qualify for credits in the form of ECTS

• In assessing applications, priority students at the application deadline has a minimum of three months left of their stay

• Students whose stay is completed before the application deadline will not be considered for a scholarship

How to apply for the scholarship?

Be aware, however, that the criteria vary for graduate and professional students. Read more about the scholarship and criteria to


Deadline May 1 and November 1