Café Grene

Café Grene is a café belonging to Sisters Grene. Sisters Grene is a shop, you think you're guaranteed, and yes that's correct. Sisters Grene is a business known for its cheap prices and now also has their own café. If you enter the store at Søndergade 11 and take the escalator up to the first floor, you will be greeted by a cozy café atmosphere. Here you will have breakfast and lunch as well as a delicious new brewed cup of coffee.

Café Grene is the definition of Danish cosiness, and the café has been completed all the way. The menu consists of a wide selection of breakfast, brunch, salads, lunch plates, pasta salads, rye sandwiches, coffee, cake and juice. Café Grene specializes in making use of mostly organic and sustainable raw materials. For the same reason, the café has received the ecological silver mark, which means that the café uses 60-90% organic raw materials.

The breakfast dishes are saturated and delicious. The lunch dishes ensure you energy for a good day, and today's dishes are always extremely tasty. Café Grene has a predominantly Danish cuisine, but with undertones in French and Italian. Every day, the chef bakes own bread, served to delicious and crisp salads.

Like the sisters of Grenze, Café Grene is very cheap. You can easily get a sour meal for fifty. If you need a small refill while you are on the way, or just a little snack as a break from the shopping, Café Grenes tart with pasta salad is recommended. If you buy your food as a takeaway, there is also money to save. Should you and your companions find a cozy but cheap place, do your visit at Café Grene. Get a cup of coffee and some of Café Grene's homemade cakes while enjoying the atmosphere in the café.


Søndergade 11
Aarhus C 8000

Contact info

Telefon: 51 49 09 89

Café Grene
Café Grene