Café Emmerys

Café Emmerys, which started out as a simple bakery, is today a good mix of an organic bakery and a cozy café. You can therefore buy your food or coffee to-go or, as most people do, enjoy all the delights of the café in the warm and cozy atmosphere that the cafe is surrounded by.

At Emmerys you can have crispy bread, sweet cakes, delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and tasty coffee. In short, all the heart can ask! In addition, Emmerys has made a handful of amazing homemade pesto and a humus that you can appropriately smear on the bread or use as a delicious accessory tapas table. All the delicious sandwiches are made from their homemade bread and lubricated with these delicious pesto.

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Everything in the shop is organic, right from the nuts that are sprinkled on top of the cakes to the milk used in your organic coffee. That's why it's not just a place of delicious food, but also a place of thought. Every cake and every bread is mixed, stirred and shaped every day, so everything is freshly baked, because baking is a craft. Although bread and cakes are mostly sought after, there is also the possibility to get a fuss of Emmery's homemade muesli and marmalade - all of which are organic, of course. Emmerys is the perfect place for a new cup of steamy hot coffee and maybe a little delicious cake, while listening to what the girlfriends have been doing lately. The cozy decor of the cafe and the smell of bread make you want to return and enter the heat again as soon as you step out of the door. That's why Café Emmerys is far more than just a baker, it's a nice cafe with a welcoming atmosphere and a lot of cakes baked with love.

Emmerys longer not only broke over the counter, but can deliver delicious breakfasts with accompanying cakes, freshly baked sandwiches or salads for your business - very clever as your whole business can not be hugged in the cozy surroundings of Emmerys cafe. Though it could be nice!

So whether you like healthy and delicious lunch, have delicious bread for breakfast or need it for your dinner. Need some sweet tooth or just craver a delicious cup of coffee, so Café Emmerys is just the place for you! So hurry to put your way past today or the next time you want to pamper yourself! At Emmerys, at least they look forward to welcoming you with smiles and open arms.

Contact info

Guldsmedgade 24:
Telefon: 51 85 76 97

Opening Hours

Guldsmedgade 24:
Mandag - fredag 07.00-18.00
Lørdag – søndag 07.00-17.00