Café Coco

When you have had a hard day at high school or university, cooking is probably the last thing you can do. Fortunately, it is good that there are many places where one can have a delicious and quick meal. One of those places is Café Coco on Barthsgade 4.

Café Coco opened in 2017, but in 2020 the owner changed, so it is now Chanita Høgh behind the wheel. She has five years of experience from IKEA, but has now chosen to start up the café again. Brunch and lunch are mainly to be served, as the café closes at 15 every day. So far, they have only intended to be open for lunch in the café, but there is a possibility that the café will be open for a longer period of time in the longer term.

The café is located at Trøjborg and is only a stone's throw from the university. That is why many hungry university students, but also staff from the municipal hospital come to eat some delicious lunch. It is quite obvious to pass the café after a lecture or group work. You can take a sandwich with two go and possibly. go for a walk in the cozy university park.

The café is decorated really cozy. The white walls are adorned with fine and colorful signs. It is the owner of the café who makes the cute signs with drawings of food and drinks. It is possible to sit inside and enjoy a cup of coffee or sit outside when the weather is right.

There is a wide selection of sandwiches on the menu. There are homemade sandwiches with varieties such as country ham, tuna and chicken / bacon. If you are not so much for light bread, but more for rye bread, you can e.g. get a rye bread sandwich with smoked salmon.

They also serve the popular paninis, where you can get the popular country ham and mozzarella version, which vegetarians can also eat.

If you prefer a salad, they serve both pasta salad and delicious green salads, where you can get different vegetables in.

Of course you also need coffee, and there you can get espresso, cappuccino and iced coffee. You can also easily take it with you to go if you need to take your morning coffee with you on the way to school.

After the café has opened, there are already customers who get stuck every day. The café has nevertheless gained a popularity in a very short time. Café Coco is a cozy place where you can quickly feel welcome with the sweet staff and fast service. So if, after a lecture or group work, you need to satisfy your hunger without it hurting your wallet, you can do so at Café Coco in Trøjborg.


Barthsgade 4
8200 Aarhus N

Contact info

Telefonnummer: 40 60 50 00

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 09.00 - 15.00
Lørdag - søndag: Lukket