Bolbro GIF

Are you looking for a place in Odense where you can practice a lot of different sports? At Bolbro GIF in Odense they have a lot of good sports in a cozy sports association for you who want to practice either handball, badminton, soccer, American football, Australian football or yoga.

The Bolbro GIF is a multi-string association that emphasizes both sporting and social. The association was established in 1937 and today consists of seven departments, a business committee and a main board. As a branch of the association, you are part of the whole association, and no departments here are more important than others.

The association regularly holds parties and events to strengthen the relationship between members. If you want to start a sport and strengthen your social community in Odense in a sports association, then Bolbro GIF is an obvious choice for you.  


Friggasvej 14
5200 Odense V

Contact info

Telefon: 40 31 81 55