At Borggade 4c in Aarhus you will find Bluefin! A really nice and well-appointed restaurant in authentic surroundings with high-end Yuccie design and atmosphere. The friendly staff will ensure that you will never miss anything, the food will be served presentably and can be enjoyed with a glass of cool beer. If you are looking for a sushi restaurant where quality and good service is spent, then Bluefin in Aarhus is the place for you,

With a name like Bluefin, there is also something to live up to. However, there is no endangered bluefin tuna on the menu, so you can safely dine on delicious sushi at this hip eatery. The open kitchen testifies that there is nothing to hide, so you can be quite comfortable ordering Bluefin sushi. The skilled sushi chefs work fast and intensely, and it can be quite mesmerizing to follow.

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If you are not used to sushi restaurant goers, here is a small guide to how you normally behave at a sushi restaurant. However, some sushi restaurants may not make use of these foods, but it is always fun to behave traditionally

  • It is polite in any restaurant to greet the host or hostess who greets you with the traditional "Irasshaimase" greeting which means "Welcome to." Simply acknowledge their salutation and are under no obligation to say anything back if you do not know the Japanese answer.
  • If you are interested in watching your food being prepared or talking to Itamae (the sushi chef), you can ask for a seat at the sushi bar.
  • Always just ask the Itama what he would recommend and never ask "Is it fresh fish?" As it would be considered insulting to suggest that something is not fresh.
  • It is rude to leave food on your plate after your meal. So take that into account when ordering so that you do not get to order something you do not like. If you have yet to order something you do not like, do not comment on it as it is also considered rude.
  • Do not rub your chopsticks together. When not using them, place them parallel to yourself on the chopstick holder or on the shoyu plate. The same is true when you finish eating.
  • It is OK to eat nigiri sushi with your fingers. Sashimi is only eaten with your chopsticks.
  • It is also ok to slurp noodles, but no more than is necessary.
  • If you are going to have alcoholic beverages, it is considered most common to serve one another (if you are not alone) instead of pouring yourself. Always pay attention to your partner's glass and refill it when it is empty. If you need a refill, drink the rest out and keep the glass slightly sloping politely toward your dining partner.

If you do not have time to sit and enjoy the food at the restaurant, you can also order the most delicious sushi as a take-away. In addition to restaurant and take-away, Bluefin can also provide food for your party. Bluefin loves attending parties and also likes to come to your party. It is easy and fast to order take away from Bluefin right here .

Bluefin gets amazing reviews and we at have only been able to find positive feedback from customers who have visited Bluefin. Not only is the sushi very fresh and very authentic, they at Bluefin have a big and appealingend menu menu, with a large selection of dishes not found anywhere else in the East. You can get sushi in many different varieties. Take your friend, boyfriend or the whole family by the arm and enjoy a visit to Bluefin.

If you are not in Aarhus, you can also enjoy a restaurant visit to Bluefin in the other two sushi restaurants. You will also find Bluefin in Odense and Svendborg on Funen. All in all, we recommend you visit Bluefin if you love sushi, and want to make sure you eat somewhere where quality is controlled. The atmosphere is good and the decor of the restaurant is cool.


Borggade 4c
8000 Aarhus

Contact info

Telefon: 60 69 22 88

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 12.00 - 21.30