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Bergen Efterskole is located in North Jutland, and is a secondary school where students learn new aspects of themselves and not least experience a strong relationship with other young people. The mountain kindergarten is not that big. It's about. 15 people in each class and a total of 70 students. It is an effective size that ensures that students' interests can be safeguarded and strengthened. Everyone knows each other - including the teachers.
Close community and shared responsibility give the Mountain the ideal framework for the students to have a good stay.

At Bjerget Efterskole it is important that you have the opportunity to be completely yourself, and the school's slogan is therefore also "Express Yourself". The school's mission is to help you find out who you are, so you can show it to the outside world and be proud of it. The students at Mountain Preschool can unfold and express themselves whether they are for Sound, Adventure, Science or Author. In the after school there is the opportunity to meet other young people with the same interests and academically skilled teachers who all love to "nerd" with their interests.

The school is in the morning, morning song, teaching, lecture time as well as workshops, music in the music room or ball in the sports halls during the evening.

The mountain kindergarten is also set up by various national youth organizations such as the Green Girl Scouts and FDF. The school is therefore based on the values ​​that are found in the Danish People's Church.
In the after school, morning music will therefore be accompanied by Fadervor, and a Christian pointe that a teacher takes up. The school should not repent students, but show them that Christian understanding of life can create a good framework for a good life with other people.

Everyday life is inspired by the basic belief that everyone is created in God's image, and we all therefore worth a lot. This means that there must be room for everyone who wants to go to the mountain, and that professional ability is not measured in the same way as elsewhere. The most important thing is that the students can become more clever and skilled.


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