Barner Coiffure

Barner Coiffure is a fine hair salon in the middle of the Odense city center and works with current trends - of course always adapted to customer wishes.

Barner Coiffure working on the concept, which Sassoon's which is working with hair in it's natural state, treat it as organic material, giving it shape and balance to adjust the individual and uniquely reveal its beauty.


Kongensgade 9 C
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 66 17 92 22

Opening Hours

Tirsdag 9.00 til 17.30 Onsdag 9.00 til 17.30 Torsdag 9.00 til 19.00 Fredag 9.00 til 17.30 Lørdag 8.00 til 15.00


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Barner Coiffure