Atlas / Flyvefisken

Atlas / Flyvefisken

Flyvefisken which is located upstairs Atlas Bar is one of the oldest Thai restaurants in Copenhagen and certainly worth a visit. Atlas and Flyvefisken serves food from around the world and style of the place is also linked to the global menus - on the tables there namely an atlas. The inspiration for the menu comes blah. from Mexico, Italy, the Philippines, Pakistan, Japan. Operation Atlas / Flyvefisken is friendly and the prices are certainly reasonable for a good night out - the menu tempts you with delicious dishes such as f. Ex:

Atlas Bar

Manila Chicken: Chicken breast in tomato sauce m. Ginger, garlic, chilli and sesame oil - with rice, raw vegetables and fried vegetables. Price (120/145) Japan ox: Beef tenderloin slices in teriyaki sauce (soy, mirin, honey and sesame oil) - with rice, raw vegetables and fried vegetables. Price (140/165) Pakistan Lam: Pan fried pieces of lammeculotte the drained yogurt sauce with curry, apricot and cumin - with rice, raw vegetables and fried vegetables and mango chutnny. Price (140/165) It brings us Flyvefisken as is the restaurant on the first floor. For here focuses mainly on good Thai food, but also other dishes of the world have found their way to Flyvefisken.


Thai Delicatessen Menu: A meal consisting of 5 Thai delicacies: Tom yam soup, chicken satay, fish cakes, chicken dish and beef right. Price 200 kr. Menu de luxe: A great selection of classic dishes: Chicken soup with coconut, fish and chicken skewers , beef tenderloin, fish of the day and dessert. Price 275. It is no coincidence that the food is globally inspired. The owner has namely traveled the world and was blah. the man that brought Thai food to Copenhagen. The restaurant has been in place for about 30 years and all food is made properly from scratch. Tip: Are you a vegetarian restaurants some vegetarian dishes. At the same time, there is a good selection of alternative soft drinks and freshly squeezed juice.


Larsbjørnsstræde 18
1454 København K.

Contact info

Telefon: 33 15 03 52

Opening Hours

Mandag - Søndag:
11.30 - 24.00

11.30 - 22.00

Flyvefisken åbner først 17.30.


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Atlas / Flyvefisken
Atlas / Flyvefisken
Atlas / Flyvefisken
Atlas / Flyvefisken