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At Work School - since 1994
At Work's "Your guarantee of professionalism and quality."
On At Work School offers you the best programs and courses in health, sports and quality of life. At the school places great emphasis on the quality of teachers and curriculum content, so they can ensure you the best return. At Work School educates more than 2,000 students annually have day shifts, evening shifts and weekend shifts, and you can get education in the country or on the Internet.

At Work School education caters for private as well as for companies. At the school trained all who want to work with health, which range widely in all age groups, where we educate masseuses, personal trainers, instructors, slim consultants, reflexologists, mindfulness instructors on. The companies further we train HR staff safety committee, nurses, pharmaceutical, medical secretaries, physiotherapists, midwives and many more.

Interdisciplinary teaching team
At Work School teacher team is multidisciplinary and consists of more than 100 teachers, including doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, consultants, personal trainers, massage therapists and others. Teachers working together to give you the best teaching with relevant and useful skills. At Work School uses professional teaching equipment, and training and courses received thorough training material, much of which has been specially designed to Work School.
The school works based on evidence, and the programs used external examiners, such as doctors, physiotherapists and nutritionists, which is your assurance of quality. On At Work School, you have a unique opportunity to combine training and courses in health. The different programs and courses complement each other well academically.

Professional level through the status of authorized personnel
Many courses and programs in health are not subject to disciplinary or other public quality standards. This has resulted in an almost lawless market without verification of the professional level, why At Work have always put themselves in front by the professionalism is sound. The strength of At Work School programs and courses is that they are primarily developed by chartered professionals, so for example, physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists and more behind the development, but also in the teaching, so that is always full professional and proper education. At Work works with some of the largest companies, so the academic content is always proportionate to what is in demand in the commercial and sport market today.

At Net A / S
Under At Work School belongs To Net A / S ( which handles our E-learning and a forum for alumni. Many hundreds of participants from all over Europe use our E-learning every year.

Natural Medical Training Center
At Work School has taken over Naturmedicinsk Training Center and are proud to offer their recognized training reflexologist. Natural Medical Training Center has been around since 1979 and has trained thousands of students over the years. There are reflexologists and massage therapists from Natural Medical Training Center all over Denmark.

More information
We are of course available for further information. You can reach us at our headquarters in Frederiksberg on telephone 44 48 61 00 or e-mail . You are always welcome to stop into the office hours, which are Monday-Thursday at 9:00 to 16:00 and Friday at 9:00 to 15:00.

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At Work School
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