Aros Food Hall

If you are visiting Aarhus as a tourist or moving in, then you will definitely want to experience some of the culture that the city of smile has to offer. You can visit Aros, among other things, if you haven't already walked past this cultural building before. In Aros you will also find Aros Food Hall. Aros Food Hall in Aarhus is, as the name implies, located at the top of Aros at Aros Allé 2.

Here you have the opportunity to get some food and drink when you visit a restaurant at the top of Aarhus. All the food is made from good ingredients, so you are sure to have a good meal when you visit Aros Food Hall.

You may know Aros as the tall, beautiful and colorful building in Aarhus, but you may not know about Aros Food Hall. Here you have the opportunity to have a good meal food located very centrally with a fantastic view over Aarhus.

If you both want to experience something cultural in Aarhus and have a good dining experience at the same time, then you can advantageously visit Aros and then have a good meal at the top of the building at Aros Food Hall. Grab your friends by the arm and have a cultural experience in the center of Aarhus.


Aros Allé 2
8000 Aarhus