Arabic - Bachelors

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel University of Copenhagen
University of Southern Denmark
Aarhus university
City Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
University of Southern Denmark
Aarhus university

Arabic is the main language in the Middle East. Modern Standard Arabic is the Arabic-speaking world common language, which are directly related to classical Arabic. Knowledge of Arabic is alpha-omega, if you want to know more about culture, business etc. in the Middle East.

It is possible to choose two types of training in Arabic. Either as a Bachelor's degree in Arabic language, culture and history, or as a combination of the Arabic language and communication. Here, the communication part take place at ASB .

Common to the two lines is that you learn standard Arabic in both. There is great attention to the communication section of the program that enables you to communicate competently orally and in writing in modern standard Arabic. At the same time you will gain knowledge of certain dialects that are used frequently in the Middle East. It could, for instance. be Egyptian.

You do not have knowledge of the language or culture prior to commencement of the study since the program begins with a beginners course where you learn the basics. The linguistic element of the course you have the opportunity to finish a semester in the Middle East.

Arabic however, is not just about the language, but also the Middle East's culture and history, as well as on the contemporary political, social and cultural circumstances. You will also get in on the Arabic literature and Islam - including Islam's origins and its historical development.

The teaching method is mainly characterized by team teachings and mandatory group. It is important with your own dedication to study as well as your active participation. Is it okay you will be ample opportunity to use and develop your communication skills and your ability to work in groups and independently.

Since the study is relatively small, you'll quickly get to know your fellow students at school and your teachers. Arabic is a liberal arts education, but for practical reasons, organized under the Faculty of Theology and therefore you will be in bed groups, lectures associations in the Friday bar and the annual Christmas revue meet students from theology and religious studies.

Want to get more knowledge of one of the world's largest language besides English, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi, so you can commit yourself, if necessary. as a journalist, interpreter or similar largest focal point? And have a different culture, society and religion of interest to you, then Arabic a subject you should try out.

You will get a great insight into, and background knowledge of the language, culture and history of the countries that speak the language.

Arabic as a subject invites you to explore the Middle Eastern culture and history. You get a ringside seat to an exciting training where you learn to speak and write Arabic as a language, you get a thorough introduction to the Middle Eastern community, an understanding of the importance of religion for the individual and the historic features that have characterized the Middle East until today. The program is structured so that the first ½ year language training, the next 2 1/4 years includes compulsory subjects and the last 3/4 years you have the opportunity to choose electives.

You can select the following programs at various educational institutions:
Arabic and communication - SDU Odense
Arabic and Economics - SDU Odense
Arabic and Islam Studies - Aarhus University
Middle East Language and Society (Arabic) - University of Copenhagen

Job Opportunities

Teacher, employed in the tourism industry, translator, interpreter, foreign reports, employed in municipal institutions, integration assistant.

Special admission requirements

Arabic A (can be achieved by additional training), Danish A, English B, History B or History of Ideas B or Contemporary History B.