Face Reflex Therapy Training

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Face Reflex Therapy Training

Facial Reflex Therapy program called Face Reflexology - is a RAB approved training. Are you searching for a new path in life or are you a therapist and need for more views of your work so look here:

With Facial Reflex Therapy will learn how to bring the body into balance through the influence of reflex zones and points of the face. Facial Reflex therapy is an eminent tool to balance both physical and mental imbalances. The method can be used for a variety of ailments.

The International Institute of Barcelone v / Lone Sorensen provider of face Reflex Therapy training in the Center For Reflex Therapy.

"Facial Reflex Therapy, module 1-5 includes the following topics:
1. module
• The 7 basic stages incl. the Vietnamese, oriental and Indian theory and practice
• Diagnosis Principles
• Basic System containing facial zones / meridian points and Balancing

2. module
• Meridian Doctrine
• Plexus treatment
• Cranial Therapy containing meridian points and kranienervernes anatomy

3. module
• 564 nerve points
• Muscle technique for rehabilitation of facial muscles
• Visual diagnosis / characters face

4. module
• Colonlink, hormone-regulating method
• Yamamoto base method

5. module
• Construction of treatment plans
• New Yamamoto techniques / use and combination of Y points
• the facial anatomy
• Examination "

Source: https://www.refleksterapi-org.dk/413044735