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Academy Aarhus University belongs to Aarhus University (AUS), and is a traditional shooter association, where members perform rifle and gun shooting. The sport is weighted high in the association, but there are also many social and festive events that are held together with the original Copenhagen department and the Oslo association. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to create new acquaintances and, in particular, have fun next to their sport.
Akademisk Skytteforening Aarhus differs from other associations because they both offer their members to shoot with a rifle and gun. This is because a good shooter must be able to shoot with several different types of weapons, and for the competitions one must compete in both.

Training and socializing

For training you shoot with a rifle and gun on indoor courts in Åby and in the Århus Skydebane at Skibby. The training is informal and free and therefore you have the opportunity to plan your training. There will always be experienced shooters present that can help you provide instructions and instructions.
If you own your own arms bill, you are allowed to bring your weapon yourself. If you do not, you can also borrow the gungun weapon so you do not have to procure your own weapons.
In the association they organize one or two honeymoon and training trips each year, giving you the opportunity to combine the shooting with the social. You also have the opportunity to shoot more different kinds of firearms in different terrains while learning a lot of new people. The tours are always nice.

How to become a member

If you wish to become a member of the Skytteforeningen in Aarhus, you must be admitted to a higher education ie. You must have completed a secondary education, and in addition you must also have Danish citizenship. They accept new shooters on the first Tuesday of the month at. 19.30, and remember your photo ID. The instruction fee costs 100 kr., And you will pay 135 - 200 kr. If you sign up later you will receive the 100 kr. Your contingent will be $ 350 each year, which is really cheap compared to other sports.

If it sounds like something for you, you can already contact them today to make an appointment.


Ludvig Feilbergs Vej 7
8230 Åbyhøj

Contact info

Tlf.: 2296 3119


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