Legal Secretary - Jura basic courses

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Access Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Business courses 0 year9.6 months Ingen law Institute
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Access Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Business courses
Duration 0 year9.6 months
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution law Institute
Legal Secretary - Jura basic courses

Would you like you to commit yourself in legal circles, in a law firm or the like, and work with administrative tasks around the exciting stuff? Do you not to take the long way through a legal education?
Would you just like to have legal knowledge and experience to handle the issues and challenges that arise in many cases, so you get a nod of recognition from your boss when the case is resolved? So you have the opportunity to be taught by the best in the industry.

On Law Institute can train you for a legal secretary in three different directions:

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All three training programs takes 8-10 months and therefore you can with a simple office training easily put a further upstairs, which gives you many more opportunities to get a job in an industry that will always remain.
In the following, we will describe the three training programs more in depth.

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Legal Basis:
This training is intended for those who want a basic knowledge of law. There are taught at a level that everyone can follow. You do not have office trained to take the training, but you might have an advantage when you apply for a job then, if you have an office training.
Jura basic training comes around the following areas:

family law:
Legal issues for cohabiting, unmarried or married. Special considerations when writing marriage contracts, as well as knowledge of separation, divorce and division of property.
Administration of estates

What happens when someone dies? Who has the right to inheritance and how it is shared, if there is a will? In addition, you will learn to create wills and life insurance. This part of the program also provides good opportunities to work in insurance companies or banks. Work is also how boafgifter and boskifte generally be carried out and processed.
Real estate

When buying a property is the preparation of the contract in focus. Including the registration of the deed and introduction to the digital registration.

You are taught about how the justice system works and how a trial is going on. How proof, appeal and what the principles are for the court process.
Default actions

Here you will learn how to treat collect debt, settlements and cases where a bailiff is involved.
Forced sale of real estate

Before a property comes foreclosed start a long journey around the auction application. This course gives you a detailed knowledge of how the hands.
Contractual and corporate law

Contracts are a brand kaPitel for themselves, with a focus on business. You learn how to create different types of companies and how an owner or shareholder is liable. In addition, you will be taught in the large corporate reform.

If you are going to have with housing and property to do next, you will benefit from this course, which is about how a tenant's rights are and where to draw the line for maintenance and shortcomings, and non-payment of rent.

In addition, you will be taught in secretarial function and comprehension of the legal terminology and language usage, as well as advice for a successful exam.

Jura Plus
In this training you will get extensive knowledge of many of the same areas as the Jura base so that you get a thorough knowledge of the topics.

family law
You are taught about how the situation is with child support, maintenance claims, how the conditions for separation and divorce is when the marriage is broken. In addition, you will learn about division of property and pension rights.
Administration of estates heritage / change

When a Fællesbo be changed or inherited by the family, then wills interpreted in many ways. Therefore you will learn to interpret such documents and formulate a description that can not be misinterpreted

Here are aware of the rules surrounding the holiday, sickness, maternity, pregnancy, termination and firing.
Rent Legislation and property management

In this course subjects you are taught in special hiring legal concepts such as the termination of leases and any disputes about the lease. You will also be taught the rules about rent increases and heat accounts and provisions for maintenance and subletting.
Real estate

There are kept focused on the sales contract and the documents to be prepared, be registered and declared. Including the development of reimbursement accounts, mortgages and how it all be funded. In addition, work will continue on the digital land registration.
Debt Letters, obsolescence and purchase

Everything that has debt to do so as the transfer and limitation periods. In addition, you will be taught in the purchase Act, which among other things includes the purchase price, what is meant by delivery and the rules that are in it, and transfer of risk and default.
Criminal proceedings, litigation and collection cases

You will have a thorough knowledge of hearings and pre-trial detention, and criminal charges, indictments and accusations. You will also learn how a criminal case will be treated and how to seek appeal and evidence.

Here you will learn about the basis for the auction and preparation. You are taught how to set up a sales presentation and announces auction.
Contractual and corporate law

There is here a more thorough knowledge of Contracts. This is one of the many different types of companies how to protect creditors, make shareholder agreements and statutes.
Bankruptcy and debt settlement

In connection with the above, you will also get acquainted with insolvency, bankruptcy and debt restructuring. You learn what conditions must be present for the case of bankruptcy. You learn how to deal with the estate, how the bankruptcy will be annulled and how the accounts are prepared.

Jura Commercial
Are you the hardcore type who bet 100% on a specialized training for legal assistant, then it Jura Plus you should choose. It is for those who already have experience in this area and is the closest you get a lawyer education without taking it.

Sources of law
You will have a thorough knowledge of the law, EU law and international law. You also learn how civil cases are handled.
Replacement Rest and insurance law

Who is responsible? How do you assure your rights and who should pay compensation if someone exceeds these rights? It teaches you about this subject.
The conclusion and content

Especially in the music business is focused on contracts as these may contain many særrEGLER for each musician. You learn how you see an invalid contract and what undertakings have been entered into the contract and which can be avoided.
Purchase and sale of movable property (also internationally)

What are your rights when you buy movable property? What are the obligations? Is there any default or agreement may be terminated? This teaches you about in this study program courses. You will also learn the difference between whether it is international law or the legal code to be used. It's about both Incoterms, CISG and the like.
Intellectual property rights

Copyright is the most important for inventors and musicians. But especially in music are the intellectual property relevant since the music is not a physical product you can palpable and since it can be easily copied. There is a focus on patents such as design and trademark patents, utility models and design rights .
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