Aarhus University Choir

Are you singing all the time? On the street, in the bathroom when you cook? Then you have another small song saved in your stomach and should definitely be a part of Aarhus University shoes!

Ambitious and cozy

The choir was founded by Carsten Seyer-Hansen in 1995 and currently has 25 members. Most are either current students, or have been, at Aarhus University, but it is not a requirement. Neither do you require music education, most singers in the choir have another education in your luggage, just you love singing. Aarhus University shoes are an ambitious classic chamber choir with a wide repertoire, so there is room for a little bit of each. Primarily the choir focuses on relatively new choir music, and has a close collaboration with several talented Danish composers who have ended up in unique performances. The new music is very popular both in the choir's concerts and in the choir's CD releases. The choir hosts 10-12 concerts each year, with ambitious practice, so you have to be ready to spend some hours in the gym. Every summer you can take a tour in lovely Danmark, and every other year you go abroad where you will also be touring.

Come happy!

There is room for everyone, only one is ambitious and loves the music. It's an ambitious choir so you have to be ready to practice with the choir minimum once a week for 2-3 hours. They expect you to be well prepared and ready when the tests begin, so you can enjoy the music. After the test, there is often a mood for a little quality time with the choir so if you are into a soda or beer in a cozy company, you will only have to spend an hour. Lubricate the vocal cords and become part of the choir!


Byleddet 1A 8220 Brabrand
Øvelokalet: Helligåndskirken Torpevænget 1 8210 Aarhus V

Contact info

Mail: formand@unikor.dk


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