Aarhus Students Volleyball Association

Would you like to play Volleyball next to your study? - Take a look here. ASV (Aarhus Student's Volleyball Association) is one of Aarhus University's Sport. The club was founded back in 1960, where for many seasons they have been in the country's best rows, and several times have become medals. You have the opportunity to train all weekdays and the matches will be played on weekends throughout the country.
What characterizes this club is that they measure cohesion and dedication really high. This is because they will form the best framework for you so you can develop and improve your game development. Your volleyball level is not essential for ASV, as they welcome everyone, whether you are a beginner, an athlete or an elite player.

Team training or exerciseist

At ASV you have many options, because there are both men's teams, women's teams and physical exercise. On their website you can get an overview of how many women and men teams are and in which rows they play.
If you want to go on an exercise team, it will be a mix team consisting of both ladies and gentlemen. You can attend a non-compulsory meeting once a week to get involved and play some volleyball. In addition, the team also participates in the club's own competitions, which typically last Friday night. It's a very nice event, where you are breastfeeding while you meet new people.

How to sign in

Sounds like something for you, you can sign up super easily. Primarily they are against new players in August, as there is a season start, but if you do not like it during the year, you may also like to appear. You can either choose to come alone or with some of your friends, and you have the opportunity to work out the first few times for free so that you can find out if it is something for you. All you have to do is send an email with your name and age to nyspiller@asv.dk . If you have played before, you should also write your position and level so that you are placed in the very correct team.
Do not hesitate to contact Aarhus Student's Volleyball Association.


Finderupvej 10, st. 06
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

E-mail: asv@asv.dk


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