Aarhus Riding Club

Do you want to ride your free time, so sign up to the Aarhus Riding Club. The Aarhus Riding Club was founded in 1904 and has been a gathering place for horse and riding enthusiasts since. In 1990, the riding club moved to Vilhelmsborg, Denmark's National Horse Racing Center, which form the most beautiful horses in Denmark. Since 2000, Aarhus Rideklub has been in charge of the riding school and Aarhus stables, so they have a vast experience with horses.

Lovely facilities

It must be said that the facilities are beyond the usual if you choose to sign up for the Aarhus Riding Club. Vilhelmsborg itself is very nice, but with surroundings close to the beach, forest and only 12 minutes away from the center of Aarhus, it's almost impossible to find a nicer place.
The riding club itself offers three riding halls, two of which are 20x60 and the last one is 30x80. In addition, they also have four outdoor dressage courts, a large runway, a race track and private grasslands.

Riding school

If you do not have much experience riding a horse, you can easily get it at Aarhus Rideklub. Here, they offer qualified riding lessons for both children and adults. Every Monday to Thursday, they have 20 ride teams, and every Friday you have the opportunity to have single hours so you can get even better and where there is more focus on you. They house a total of 11 ponies and 9 horses, all of which are super sweet. It is your counselor who is in charge of the school, and at first you will ride inside and the more experience you get with the horse, the more you will be allowed to ride outside in the beautiful surroundings.
Should you be lucky to have your own horse, you can also be taught by the school's counselors and counselors. In addition to learning to ride, you will also learn something about what is best suited to care and care for a horse.
You can see more on their website about how to contact them so that you can make an appointment.

Get in touch with the riding club today if it sounds like something for you - they look forward to seeing you!


Bedervej 101
8320 Mårslet

Contact info

Tlf.: 8693 8220
E-mail: Kontoret@aarhus-rideklub.dk


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