Aarhus Karate Club

Aarhus Karateklub is located in the heart of Aarhus and is a relatively small club, but everyone is welcome. Do you have any experience with karate, or you want to get it, this is the place to come. They always take into account each other's differences, since everyone is not the same. The tone during training is informal, and therefore you will find yourself in a relatively relaxed atmosphere.
In the club they have both a children's and adult team and the adult team is for those who are both practiced and beginner. As a beginner, challenges can arise, but they will do anything to help you, it will be a very instructive process.


On your adult team, you will be well around the various karate facets. In the first few training hours, you will learn the basic basic techniques so that they are in place. After these hours, they have practiced a workout that suits their level and, if you are a beginner, you also have the opportunity to join, and here you can really put yourself to the test in the many challenges that will probably come. Overall you will learn something about the various kicks, parades, strokes, throws and dismantling principles.
At the karate club they also place great emphasis on being able to develop both personally and sportally. They hold two types of graduations: Kyu graduation, which is based on the individual student and what the student and the team have worked with for the past year. The second is Dan graduation, where the focus is on the individual's progress in karate. You will therefore experience that the more you participate and develop your abilities, the greater the chance that you will rise level and therefore get a new belt.

become a member today

If the above sounds like something for you, just sign up for the club. Currently, the new members take up free trial training during the first 2 months. As an adult you can choose between training once or twice a week. Once a week, costs DKK 300 per quarter, while twice the cost of DKK 500 per quarter.
It's always a good idea to call them to hear how and how about enrollment, and of course also if you have other questions.


Ingerslevs Blvd. 2C
8000 Aarhus C

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E-mail: chef@aarhus-karateklub.dk


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