Åmarkens Driving School

By Åmarkens driving school in Hvidovre you get a personal and good treatment. It's own driving instructors and instructors throughout the process, so you are sure professional and qualified training.

With flexible driving instructors and teaching times and several driving schools along Køge Bay, you have ample opportunity to plan your own education so that it fits for your everyday life - it also means that you can fit your work or school alongside to take a driving license.

At Åmarkens driving school are flexibility not only in teaching times, but also in the payment.

You have the option to choose how much you want to pay - however you with Driving School package Light even be active in relation to some of the tasks of driving school would have otherwise taken care of for you.

Read more in Rabat packages on their website, and note prices start at kr. 8,475 for a legislative package - and it is without you get a lower quality education because of it.

Also helps Åmarkens driving school if you need cash right now and would like to start with your driving license. Here offers the driving school a good financing scheme over 12 months or a split in 2 or 3 installments as required.

Driving School offers classes in rooms located just off Freedom station - more central as it gets for train and bus.


Lodsvej 2, 1th.
2650 Hvidovre

Contact info

Telefon: 2425 4200


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