5-PATH® hypnotherapist

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Courses on specific subjects, Access Courses, Alternative Healthcare Courses 5 måneder Ingen Hypnosis house Denmark
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Courses on specific subjects, Access Courses, Alternative Healthcare Courses
Duration 5 måneder
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Hypnosis house Denmark
5-PATH® hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist program in Hypnosis house Denmark allows you to start a new business hypnotherapist right after graduation.

With training you the opportunity to help clients cope with for example anxiety, stress or depression, so they can have a life to work and get the joy back in life.

At Hypnosis house Denmark you get plenty of supervised practical training and theory, as well as teaching by two teachers in every class. The program meets, as the first place in Denmark, the requirement of the mandatory 250 hours to which alternative therapist must have in his major subject to be approved by RAB (Registered Alternative Practitioners) and in order to be exempt from VAT.

The goal of the program is that you immediately after graduation, can safely handle your own practice. You decide whether it should be full time or part time.

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At Hypnosis house Denmark you will be taught in a very in-depth and structured form of hypnotherapy, known as 5-PATH®. 5PATH® stands for Five Bevelled Advanced Hypnosis. You learn about all five phases so that you are familiar with them and know exactly what your next step as a therapist is. You see video with a client, which you follow through all the phases, and look at this way, the techniques used in practice and follows the development of the client. This gives a good insight into how a session going on and how a client relate to therapy before, during and after hypnosis. Teaching varies also between theory, demonstrations and lots of practical training.

You obviously get thorough introduction to what hypnosis condition is and what it is not. You learn to understand and to explain why hypnotherapy works so quickly and efficiently, working with clients' challenges. And you learn perform in-depth and highly effective therapy in hypnosis state.

There are many different techniques to guide your clients in hypnosis, quickly and efficiently. You will, of course, learn to use the fastest most effective techniques and you will, together with your fellow students practice in applying these techniques, both in teaching and in study groups before you will apply them to your test clients. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable with having correct treatment clients, from the first client.

In teaching, you also learn that there are different depths of hypnosis, how to distinguish them from each other and learn to test for these stages, to ensure you get maximum susceptibility and thus the most possible change in the client.

Many of the therapies that we know from other therapeutic offers, is also part of the hypnotherapist program. Among other things, regression therapy, NLP techniques, gestalt therapy, cognitive therapy and part meditation therapy some of the techniques that are taught in. Since our responsiveness and readiness for change are greater in hypnosis than in the "awake" state, they are already good therapies both much faster and more efficient in hypnosis than they are in their pure form.

Read more about hypnoterapeutuddannelsen here.

There is much psychology associated with it, to be hypnoterpeut, which makes it important also to understand certain psychological factors that you therefore are taught. You learn to understand why people react the way they do and what influence our emotions have on our actions. Many of human actions occur unconsciously, from the beliefs and codes, they have been created during their childhood. It is reflected, for example as undesirable habits or patterns and often impair the lives of individuals, when it is expressed, such as anxiety or stress. It can also be things you do too much of that example. smoking, drinking or eating. Or it may be the thing to do for a bit of example. believe in themselves, eat healthy and relaxing.

You are guided through the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind, and emotions languages so you learn to understand how they work and thus being able to handle clients' challenges and helpe them to lasting change.

Besides the actual hypnosis you also learn how to teach your clients in an advanced form of self-hypnosis, as called for 7th Path Selvhypnose®. It is a technique that, like 5-PATH® by-program the old beliefs and replace them with new, more beneficial emotions and beliefs. You learn to hold courses in this technique, where you can learn all groups of people to work with these transformative techniques, or you can give them to the clients you are treating so that they can continue their positive development after treatment .

Goals and objectives are important for your clients, that they should feel that they are developing in the right direction. You are taught how to best teach them to set goals in the right way, so they are easy to follow.

Last but not least, you get an insight into the history of hypnosis, and how to create your own successful practice and what the ethical rules of the game is to be a skilled hypnotherapist and a good colleague.

All basic material has been translated into Danish, but many technical terms will be in English.

After graduation:

Now you can call yourself a 5-PATH® hypnotist and hypnotherapist and 7th Path selvhypnoseinstruktør®.

Louise and Tonny are happy to help you find sample clients for you if you can not be yourself so you after a short time can make your training money back home and get the necessary training to become confident in your work.

It is an important success factor for Louise and Tonny that you feel comfortable and safe in all processes throughout the training. Therefore are they also available with sparring and guidance throughout.

Self-development is an important part of education. You will even undergo a course of 7th Path selvhypnose®, during the training, with a focus on their own beliefs and limitations. In addition, there is much focus on supervision, teamwork and work with your sample clients, which also contributes to your self-development and evaluated along the way.

You are not alone with your practice when you graduate. You can meet colleagues from across the country for sparring, and through Hypnosis house Denmark professional Facebook Group or the international 5-PATH® association, you automatically become a member.

Hypnosis house Denmark holds regular training days for former students where they get the opportunity to further develop their skills and acquire new knowledge and even more tools.

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