Bilkørekort, trailer license, the restoration of the license and the taxi driver's license. It all can be done at YouDrive and it's at a price that is affordable. All teaching is done by a board, so you can not just as a student is put in front of a screen and must learn.

It's about you!

YOUDRIVE promises you personal and highly committed teaching throughout your course. The pupil is at the center all the time! Here you will be offered good old-fashioned tablet teaching, so there are no technical issues of any kind. All teaching takes place on a board, so as not just as a student is put in front of a screen and is going to learn. And that's how you get the most out of the process and get ready for life behind the wheel. It must be fun and safe to take a driving license. When you start the theory course, you get a carefully planned lesson plan. ON it you can see what to learn to get the driver's license in the end. The theory and the actual driving times are followed by. This means that if you have just learned about night driving or motorways, then the next point is the actual practical part behind it. That way you will also get to the theory and to driving lessons - a great way to learn!



Unlimited theory + One-way maneuvering course + One-time driving technique. +16 pcs. driving lessons.

Total package only 9995 kr.


Other expenses:

Rent of school carriage for the test test 450 kr.

Test fee for the state 600 kr.

Medical certificate approx. 400 kr.

Possibly. extra driving options of 450 kr.

Departure from driving section 450 kr.


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Contact info

4018 5544


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