Are you looking for an eatery in Copenhagen where you have the opportunity to taste authentic Thai food? Then we have found a place that will most likely suit your taste. At Wokshop, you are presented with a menu filled with delicious Thai dishes that will no doubt cause your mouth to run into water. Specifically, you will find Wokshop in Copenhagen at various addresses, including Ny Adelgade 6.

Wokshop is perfect for those who for a short while want the feeling of being south. The food served at Wokshop is prepared for the purpose of having as authentic an dining experience as possible. There is a touch to the detail of selected on the menu, which is why it is packed with a large selection of the distinctive Thai dishes which are incredibly popular with many. This includes because spices, fresh ingredients and herbs help to characterize Thai cuisine. On Wokshop's menu you will find everything from fried noodles and curries to a large selection of Thai soups. There is also the option of tasting dishes that are not strong, but if you want to challenge your taste buds (in the good way), you may have to venture out to taste a strong 'green chicken curry'. The options at Wokshop are many, and you will certainly be able to find some delicious dishes that suit your taste.

When you enter the beautiful restaurant, you will quickly notice that Wokshop attaches great importance to a stylish and stylish decor. The beautiful décor of the restaurant creates the right atmosphere for a good dining experience. In addition, the restaurant focuses on getting good service too. Therefore, you are greeted with a big smile by the sweet staff.

Depending on whether you are in the mood to enjoy the food in the fine dining room of the restaurant, or if you and your fellow students want to try the delicious Thai food at home, you can also order the food from Wokshop as TakeAway. You can read more about this on the restaurant's own website.

Wokshop has several restaurants in Copenhagen, and the individual addresses can be found on the restaurant's website. Maybe there is a Wokshop right near you? Furthermore, a simple restaurant located in Odense, which is why you can also benefit from Wokshop if you visit Funen.

If you love Thai food and appreciate good service, the next eatery you might want to visit is Wokshop. Here you can both enjoy the food in the great restaurant, or order the food TakeAway if you feel like it.


Ny Adelgade 6, 1104 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 91 61 21

Opening Hours

Søndag - torsdag: 11.30 - 21.00
Fredag - lørdag: 11.30 - 22.00


Wokshop's website